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Archive | January, 2016

Multiple Linear Regression EQ1

Multiple Linear Regression with Minitab

What is Multiple Linear Regression? Multiple linear regression is a statistical technique to model the relationship between one dependent variable and two or more independent variables by fitting the data set into a linear equation. The difference between simple linear regression and multiple linear regression: Simple linear regression only has one predictor. Multiple linear regression [...]
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Simple Linear Regression EQ1

Simple Linear Regression with Minitab

What is Simple Linear Regression? Simple linear regression is a statistical technique to fit a straight line through the data points. It models the quantitative relationship between two variables. It is simple because only one predictor variable is involved. It describes how one variable changes according to the change of another variable. Both variables need [...]
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Correlation Coefficient MTB_1.0

Correlation Coefficient with Minitab

Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient Pearson’s correlation coefficient is also called Pearson’s r or coefficient of correlation and Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient (r), where r is a statistic measuring the linear relationship between two variables. What is Correlation? Correlation is a statistical technique that describes whether and how strongly two or more variables are related. Correlation [...]
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Mann Whitney SXL_00

Mann Whitney Testing with Minitab

What is the Mann Whitney Test? The Mann Whitney test (also called Mann–Whitney U test or Wilcoxon rank-sum test) is a statistical hypothesis test to compare the medians of two populations that are not normally distributed. In a non-normal distribution, the median is the better representation of the center of the distribution. Null Hypothesis (H0): η1 [...]
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