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Fractional Factorial_1.1

Fractional Factorial Designs with Minitab

What Are Fractional Factorial Experiments? In simple terms, a fractional factorial experiment is a subset of a full factorial experiment. Fractional factorials use fewer treatment combinations and runs. Fractional factorials are less able to determine effects because of fewer degrees of freedom available to evaluate higher order interactions. Fractional factorials can be used to screen [...]
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Correlation Coefficient MTB_1.0

Correlation Coefficient with Minitab

Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient Pearson’s correlation coefficient is also called Pearson’s r or coefficient of correlation and Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient (r), where r is a statistic measuring the linear relationship between two variables. What is Correlation? Correlation is a statistical technique that describes whether and how strongly two or more variables are related. Correlation [...]
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